SIP Information

General SIP Guidelines

Kalamazoo College SIP Styling & Formatting

Parts of the Paper

In general, the paper will fall into three main parts: The Preliminaries, The Text, and The Reference Materials.

The Preliminaries

  • Title page, followed by a blank sheet of paper
  • Preface, including acknowledgements
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents, with page references
  • List of tables, with titles and page references
  • List of illustrations, with titles and page references
  • List of appendices, with titles and page references

The Text

  • Introduction
  • Main body, with larger divisions, and more important divisions, indicated by suitable headings

The References

  • Appendices
  • Bibliography


Each page in the paper, except the blank sheet following the title page, should be assigned a number as explained below.

  • The preliminaries use small Roman numerals, centered one-half inch above the bottom of the page. The blank sheet is neither counted nor numbered. The title page actually counts as the first page, but no number appears on it. The first number, then, is “ii” and appears on the page after the blank sheet.
  • The remainder of the paper, including the appendices and bibliography, uses Arabic numerals, centered one-half inch below the top of the page. Number each page on which material appears. Begin with “1” and run consecutively to the end of the paper.


The left margin must be at least one and one-half inches wide in order to allow for binding. All other margins (right, top, and bottom) should be one inch. Do not use right justification.


Use double spacing throughout the paper except for long quoted passages, which should be indented five spaces from the left and single-spaced. Bibliography should be also be single-spaced.


Please observe the rules of courtesy. Give recognition to those who made significant contributions to your project. If you have a preface, acknowledgements can be included in the preface. If you do not have a preface, acknowledgements will be its own section.


Binders will be available in the Kalamazoo College Bookstore.

Title Page

In addition to the complete title, the title page should contain the following:

  • Author’s name
  • Name and office of the on-site advisor
  • Name and department or program in which SIP was conducted

” A paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts at Kalamazoo College.”

  • Year of imprint

Please check with your SIP Adviser for more details.

For more general information please visit the Registrar’s web page in the Kalamazoo Curriculum, Senior Integrated Project.